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Our mission is to provide unwavering support and compassion to every youth in need, ensuring their safety, stability, and well-being by placing them in loving and accountable foster homes with a strong emphasis on celebrating and providing culturally supportive care and services.

We provide Behavioral Rehabilitative Services (BRS) therapeutic foster care. Our resources focus on improving academic, cultural, and social engagement skills for our youth.

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give relationally.

bring educationally.

share culturally.

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Who we are.

Youth in the foster care system can struggle to find a sense of belonging. They’re often left feeling angry and isolated. At Youth Unlimited, we're changing this.

We are dedicated to creating a nurturing environment where every child feels seen, valued, and empowered to thrive.

We’re committed to giving our youth a fresh start, connecting them to safe and stable homes with folks who understand them.

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and support.
What we do.

Youth Unlimited is an organization committed to providing culturally responsive therapeutic foster care and advocacy services.

A culturally responsive approach to foster care means helping adults see the many aspects that make up a youth's unique identity — including race, ethnicity, gender identity, language, disability, and sexual orientation — so that they can meet the youth's needs with empathy and understanding.

See how we’re working to bring this level of care to every child.

LGBTQ+ Youth

Community resources for LGBTQ+ youth are scarce. Youth Unlimited works to fill that gap and be a voice for this population. We prioritize the placement of LGBTQ+ youth and the recruitment of foster parents willing to work with them.

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Become a foster parent.

Youth Unlimited is the only African American foster care agency in Oregon. We're dedicated to growing our community of diverse foster homes.

We work with adults of all backgrounds who want to open their homes and create safe, nurturing environments for the youth we serve. If you have a heart for this work, please reach out — we can certify you to become a foster parent!

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give. bring. share.

There are many ways to support our children beyond becoming a full-time foster parent. Learn how you can show up creatively and invest in a child’s life.

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